dirty boots farm 

Community Supported Agriculture and Farm-stand Merchants

Dirty Boots Farm is a 7.8 acre parcel of Umadilla Silt Loam found in the Rondout Valley in Kerhonkson, NY. Dedicated to 100% organic farming practices and worked primarily by hand, we are not certified organic but may decide to pursue certification in the future. In the meantime, our farm is under contract with Natural Resources Conservation Services for land preservation practices and is subject to inspection to ensure organic compliance. Our land is leased through the Arrowhead Farm Agricultural Center, a social-investor funded LLC that promotes land access for farmers by providing very affordable lease terms. Anyone out there interested in also starting a farm? Check 'em out.

Our CSAs and farm-stands are comprised of over 70 different kinds of vegetables and herbs. Can't find what you're looking for? Maybe we can grow it for you next year. But maybe not, let's talk. We're open about the challenges and risks of membership, e.g. the potential for extreme weather and/or other unpredictable acts of the Earth. We actively work to mitigate these challenges through the close study of cloud movement, inspecting our plants for blight or disease and conversing with them as we work (small talk and secrets of the heart), and coming to a mutual understanding with local fauna that have an appetite for what we grow (deer, you're on notice). 

We believe that an open, responsive dialogue between farmer and customer is the basis for a healthy, mutually-beneficial relationship that extends beyond the transactional by promoting sustainable farm practices and the food system, both at large and nearby. Feel free to call, write, or stop by for a visit. 



Shayna Lewis

Shayna started farming after graduating college, working on various farms in the Northeastern U.S. and Ireland. She returned to her native Brooklyn to be closer to her family and spent the past five years farming for urban agriculture non-profits Added Value at the Red Hook Community Farm and later at Project Eats. 

matt Hunger

Matt worked as a political and environmental journalist and community college teacher before moving into food delivery logistics for a tech startup. He has volunteered on farms both local and abroad, from urban outfits to desert communes.


Some Photogenic Goats

These goats belong to a friend of ours. We like them and thought you might too.