Farm not snow / by Matthew Hunger

The land (seen above) is snow covered and the ditches frozen. But the greenhouse has a new, working heater-- gotta be ready for that first market date and thus the latitude needs an artificial, southerly bend. 

One day (we hope) we'll be able to utilize alternative sources to hear our greenhouse. Still, our rough, back-of-the-envelope calculations turn out favorably for us re: local heated greenhouse use vs transporting goods from distant locations in heavy vehicles. But we admit our math is weak and that we err on the side of local favoritism.

That said, have you been in a greenhouse in the dead of winter? We met with the Chester Agricultural Center folks (the owners of the land) for a lease discussion on one of the coldest days so far this winter (negative wind chill), and after our propane heater burned for a half hour to take the initial chill out, the greenhouse did as intended. We shed jackets and sweaters, ate falafel (thanks Bob), and were downright cozy in the balmy 92'x36' plastic-covered propagation house. We hope our seedlings will be equally comfortable and grow apace the frost date so we can begin to eat them and/or what they produce.

In the meantime, our seeds are in the mail, our CSA membership is taking shape (inquire within), and our boots are cleaner than we like.