Seeds by Post / by Matthew Hunger

So our seeds (those we haven't, or that couldn't, be saved from previous plantings) are arriving in the mail. Pictured above is a selection from Fedco Seeds: Perfection Fennel and Cajun Jewel Okra (both organic). But first we have to finish setting up and partitioning the shared greenhouse with fellow Chester Ag farmers Simon and Travis (to be done on Wednesday), so that in a few weeks we can lay out our heating mats, build our greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse riggings, and shower the propagation trays with water and conversation (Shayna is a big fan of talking to her plants, while I prefer silent affirmation). This dead-of-winter nonsense (it's a degree outside, just the one, with the wind chill) is full-on at the moment, but our season is about to start, so that's pretty exciting.