Photo/Chef: Heather Lewis-- Parsnips, bok choy, Jimmy Nardello peppers

Photo/Chef: Heather Lewis-- Parsnips, bok choy, Jimmy Nardello peppers

Ok, so you've got your CSA share and you can't spell half of what's in it. What to do? There's a wealth of recipe information throughout the majority of the Internet, of course, but we want the tried-and-true. So here's also a collection of recipes (found and approved of by us) and eventually submitted my CSA members. These recipes range from the family friendly to the mixed (adult) beverage. Enjoy 'em all.


Delicata - green/beige striped yellow winter squash. Unsuitable as storage crop, so eat it when you get it. Also probably the best tasting of the squash family. Here's a recipe kept simple but lacking in nothing. 


Jerusalem Artichoke: these rhizomes have edible tubers that are dug up like potatoes. They're notorious for taking over your field if you're not careful (the good kind of problem?) Use your favorite roasting style and you can't go wrong. Otherwise, like most things, they pair well with balsamic and butter.


Hakurei: Basically you don't need a recipe, just eat them like an apple, or cut up in a salad (paired with turnip greens), or sliced as a sandwich topping. Or, you know, glaze them.


Nappa: Six recipes thanks to Early Morning Farm. 

Carrot / Parsnip

Parsnip: Always with the herbed butter. Otherwise roast and puree for soup.